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Our Goal

The Texas A&M Geophysical Society aims to promote interest in, and knowledge of, Earth Sciences with a major focus on Geophysical studies. Our organization strives to encourage students to increase their Geophysical knowledge. 
Core Values 

The Texas A&M Geophysical Society lives by the same core values that govern the University with which we are affiliated. We've included the Texas A&M University core values below to serve as a constant reminder of the principles that we follow as an organization.







Selfless service

Membership Benefits

We provide a large number of events to members (see below) of the Texas A&M SEG Student Chapter. For information regarding these events please see the events tab, check our social media or contact us. Events Include:

Guest Speakers from Industry and Academia

Social Events

Short Courses

Field Trips

Industry Panels

All social events and meetings, including those with a guest speaker, are open to anyone with an interest in Geophysics at Texas A&M University. Joining the SEG Student Chapter is free and will provide many opportunities to expand Geophysical knowledge, such as attending industry panels, short courses, and field trips.


Please see any of our officers or contact us for information about obtaining a global SEG membership. Memberships may also be purchased at any meeting.​


As a member you will receive:​

  • Access to information and knowledge straight from industry and academic professionals​

  • Opportunities to visit sites and events that are made available due to our organization's partnerships and affiliations

  • A venue for compelling discussion and engagement on geophysical topics

  • An opportunity to network with like-minded students and professionals

  • Short courses that provide an outlook for future classes you will be taking​​

  •      As a member of our chapter, you are encouraged to:​​

  • Attend all meetings when possible

  • To become an SEG member

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