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The SEG EVOLVE program offers students direct experience in conducting multi-discipline subsurface integration projects using actual seismic, microseismic, wireline, core, production and other types of data. Project management, teamwork skills, and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning and production enhancement scenarios, with the project culminating in a presentation at the SEG Annual Meeting.


Part of a strategic collaboration between Halliburton and the SEG Foundation since 2014, EVOLVE provides unique learning projects in an interactive, non-competitive team environment that fosters global participation. EVOLVE is delivered through the cloud which provides a unique virtual learning experience. The projects require analysis and application of geophysical/seismic, geological, petrophysical and petroleum engineering data and software technology, such as Halliburton’s DecisionSpace® Enterprise platform, to support integrated reservoir management, problem-solving and decision making.


In the 2018 edition, our Texas A&M team was the only team from the USA among 10 teams from all around the world participating. The team consisted of Sergey Parsegov (Petroleum Engineer), Dawid Szafranski (Geophysicist/Petrophysicist), Yongchae Cho (Geophysicist), Tian Liu (Petroleum Engineer), Adewale Amosu (Geologist) & David Splawn (Geologist). The faculty mentor for the project was Dr. Rick Gibson (Geophysics). After the successful presentation at the SEG Annual Meeting in Anaheim, the team got recognition for 'The Best Investment Opportunity (GOM)'. Dawid Szafranski got also individual recognition for persistence in leading the team.

We plan to build a team for 2021 edition. Stay tuned for the updates!


Texas A&M EVOLE TEAM at SEG Annual Meeting in Anaheim (left to right): Dawid Szafranski, Jesus Ortiz (EVOLVE Teams Technical Assistant and Mentor), Adewale Amosu, Allen Bertagne (EVOLVE Technical Project Coordinator), Sergey Parsegov, Michael Forrest (EVOLVE Teams Mentor).

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